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WFME 2019

Today : 2020.04.05

Plenary Speakers

Plenary 3 Quality Enhancement, Standards and Accreditation in Postgraduate Medical Education
Introduction Postgraduate medical education (PGME) - from the award of the basic medical qualification through to qualification as a specialist in a recognised specialty - is an essential stage in the development of a medical career. This session describes:
  • A process of quality assurance of PGME through accreditation
  • The model of a single authority having jurisdiction over the entire continuity of medical education from basic medical education to the completion of PGME
  • The issues where there may be conflict between parties that all have interests in PGME
Date & Time April 9 (Tue), 09:00 - 10:30
Venue Vista Hall (B2)
Chair(s) David GORDON (France)
Ducksun AHN (Korea, Republic of)
Oversight of Postgraduate Medical Education in the United States: Philosophy and Structure Dr. Thomas NASCA President and Chief Executive Officer
Accreditation Council For Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)
United States
CV Abstract
A Bi-national Scheme for Assessing Standards of Postgraduate Medical Training Ms. Theanne WALTERS Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Australian Medical Council
CV Abstract

Current Status and Issues for Quality Enhancement of Standards and Accreditation of PGME in Korea

Prof. Jung-Yul PARK Professor, Vice President
Korea University College of Medicine, Korean Academy of Medical Sciences & Korean Medical Association
Korea, Republic of
CV Abstract

Plenary 3Close

Dr. Nicolas WAECKEL
Fuel and Core Design Expert Engineering Division
EDF (Electricité de France)
Academic Career
  1. - 1973 ~ 1978Civil Engineering Degree
  2. - 1978 ~ 1980PHD Thesis in Civil Engineering
  3. - 1980 ~ 1984State Doctoral Thesis in Structural Mechanics
Work Experience
  1. - 1984 ~ 1991Structural Mechanics Engineer (EDF Fast Breeder Reactors Dpt)
  2. - 1991 ~ 1998Fuel Design Group Leader (EDF Engineering Branch)
  3. - 1998 ~ 2001Project Manager Regulatory Advisory Group (EPRI –USA)
  4. - 2001 ~ 2007Nuclear Fuel Design Division Manager (EDF Engineering Branch)
  5. - 2007 ~ 2017Domestic and international R&D Program Manager – Corporate fuel and core design expert (EDF)


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